Our Mission

To provide exceptional human factors expertise toward resolving personal injury litigation through superior analysis and testimony.

Our Philosophy

We strive to offer comprehensive human factors and engineering analysis. Attorneys and their clients are best served by experts who can investigate and explain complex concepts in ways that a jury can comprehend. Our experience working with people of all ages provides a framework by which our testimony allows the jury to readily understand the essential elements of the expert's analysis, and thus appreciate the expert's ultimate opinions.

Aren't experts just hired guns?

Many forensic experts serve unwittingly (or intentionally) as advocates for their clients. The best experts, however, provide attorneys with comprehensive and objective feedback on their case, so that the attorney can produce a winning strategy.

The legal system is intended to provide both parties with the opportunity to state their position. As such, we provide superior forensic analyis for either plaintiff or defense attorneys, as well as subrogation cases

Learn to do right.  Seek justice.  Defend the oppressed.  - Isaiah 1:17